Sunshine Blogger Award + Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

 Hello stars! this is my firts post in english, my english is not perfect, but haha I try to do my best, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the cute blogger: Lipstick and Mocha , please check she's blog ~ wojooo ~~

"The idea of the Sunshine Award is that you nominate bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative and inspiring."

- Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
- Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

Lipstick and mocha Question: 

1. Did you ever eat playdough as a child?
 Yes, I did hahaha lol 
2. We all love talking about books we like, but is there a book you really hate?
I don't hate any book, because, when I don't interesting for some book  I really don't care about it haha

3. Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Science fictioooon!!!

4. What's the last movie you watched? Did you like it?
The last movie I watched is Inside Up, I think is a cute movie for a children

5. Is there a place you've always wanted to visit?

6. Do you like spicy food?
I don't like hahaha 

7. Is there something you like collecting?
objects with forms of pig, I love pig they're so cute

8. Have you ever wanted to live in another country? If so, which one?
I love my Venezuela, but if this is my case, I want to live in another country, why not? Mexico <3 

9. Do you sing in the shower?
Yes ! hahaha a lot! 

10. Do you have any tattoos?
I don't have tattos

11. Can you study/work while listening to music? 
Yes, I can ^^ sometimes I study with music

Thank you so much for nominated is this blogger awards Lipstick and Mocha.
My questions 
1.- What is the most important thing in your life? 
2.- What music do you like? 
3.-  Is there a place you've always wanted to visit?
4.- What foreign food do you prefer?
5.- Do you speak other languages?
6.- Can you study/work while listening to music? 
7.-Do you have any piercing?
8.-What's your favorite book?
9.- What's the last movie you watched? Did you like it?
10.- Top 3 of your favorite bloggers?
11.- Top 3 of your favorite youtubers?
My nominate 

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11 comentarios

  1. Jajajaj me encantó leer tus respuestas!! :D Los cerditos son lo máximo <3

    Lipstick and Mocha

  2. Wow)) Thanks for nomination))) I will try to answer)

  3. Thanks for nominating! I'll find time to do it soon.

  4. I love your blog!
    Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  5. Congratulation with an award, Alice!)))

    Have a nice day!
    xx Veronica