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Hello Starlights<3!
How are you? Today I want to share this online store "Promtimes", from UK, and they sell different style of dresses!, I really love dresses and this online store have an amazing and such dress formal for special occasion, and the best part is the Good price...

This site have a "Customer Testimonials" section and this is very good for the security of the buyer, because in this section you can see many reviews of buyers with pictures, Promtimes in different times they have many discount for the dress. You can find many dress, long, short, vintage, plus size, also you can edit the color and the size of the dress of you want, and this is really amazing.

Now, I wanna show you my favorite dresses
This is one of my favorite short dress!
This is " Sweetheart Sleeveless Short/Mini Cheap Champagne"  the color with the accesories on the body is so glam! I think is very cute for a party! 

This is other short cute dress!

"Bateau Short Short/Mini Cheap" this is a cute short dress with other color, I love this dress in the back, It's looks so great and the accessories made this dress so different and glamorous

In the long dress section: 

Elegant long dress "Bateau Sleeveless Floor-length" It's very beautiful for wear in a formal occasion like wedding or graduation.

This is short and also long dress, I think this dress is very original for the design of the skirt, I love the pink color with the brilliant accessories."Sweetheart Sleeveless Asymmetrical Watermelon"

PromTimes have a many different dresses, so for that I leave you the links of the page, for more information visit:, and please tell me in the commentary was your favorite dress?

Have an amazing Friday!


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  1. Amazing dresses. The first one is so perfect!


  2. Hola! El segundo vestido corto es hermoso! voy a chequear la página, muy bonitos los diseños que elegiste!

    Te estoy siguiendo por GFC, que bonito blog! xx

    1. muchas gracias! y sin son hermosisimooos *-* <3
      tambien te sigo, que tengas un lindo dia

      saludos <3

  3. Cool dresses!
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  4. Hi there, just stopping by to wish you a lovely weekend! <3

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  7. Lovely dress and great post!
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  8. Great post!

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    xoxo Jacqueline

  9. Hi dear !!
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    I come here to meet yours and I love it !!
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    I really like the dresses you choose !!
    The first one is my favorite !!
    Kisses from Brazil


    1. thanks you so much, I see your blog and is very cute, I also follow you! keep in touch

  10. Beautiful dresses <3 You have a great blog. Do you want to follow each other? Let me know and i follow you back <3 Eileen
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  11. all of them are very beautiful but the pink one is my favourite :D

  12. queeeee bellos vestidos!!

    te quiero sis <3

  13. Los vestido cortos son los mas bellos!!!
    los quiero ;C

  14. Wow, those dresses are very beautiful, but I prefer the second one (:

  15. Stunning dresses! :)

    Thx for your comment! I follow you now via GFC and Google+. I'd be more than happy if you follow me back! =)


  16. Such pretty dresses!

  17. nice dresses! all dresses are pretty and lovely especially Bateau Short :)

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    have a nice day!

  18. una seleccion estupenda,me encanta!
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario guapa,te espero por mi nuevo post,mil besos!

  19. Beautiful dresses dear! xx

  20. Ideales! El azul largo me gusta mucho :D

    ¡Besos y feliz semana mi ChicAdicta!

  21. Wonderful post with such beautiful dresses!

    I've just followed you on GFC, #145, and would love a follow back! Hope to stay in touch!

    Abbey xo

  22. Thanks so much for your visit on my blog. Of course we can follow each other, I'm following you :)

  23. Amazing selection dear kiss

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  24. Amazing dresses!! I'm following you,so it would be nice if you do the same. :)
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  25. I love all the dresses you picked. So so gorgeous.

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