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DIY: A glamourous makeup

by - 17:53

Hello Starlights!
¿Como estan?, espero que esten muy bien, hoy vengo a compartir, mi segundo tutorial de maquillaje del blog, esta vez me inspire en algo mas elaborado, por que hace poco adquiri un labial mate, y es un color fuerte, y para ese tipo de labiales el maquillaje de los ojos debe ser de colores neutros. En esta ocasion este maquillaje es muy facil de hacer y espero que les guste mucho

How are you? I hope you're fine, so today I wanna share my second makeup tutorial of the blog, in this time is a not simple makeup daily, because, recently I get a Lipstick matte, and the color is very strong, and for this type of lipstick, the makeup of the eyes are simple or neutral colors, so I hope do you like it!

*1) Primero vamos a utilizar una crema humectante que seque rapido, en este caso yo utilize esta de pond's "Bio-Hydatante Light"

*2) Luego aplique mi corrector, sobre todo en las ojeras x_x

*3) Utilice este compacto de Valmy, que es como un dos en uno, es compacto y base a la vez, la cual me ahorro mucho tiempo haha 

*1) The firts step is use a hydratante skin care in this case I used the "pond's "Bio-Hydatante Light"

*2) The second is use your correcter ear of your preference, in this case I used "Light - Mon'reve"

*3) then I used this compacy of Valmy translucet, this have a double function is "Compacy and also base"  


Este es el paso a paso del maquillaje de los ojos, puedes elegir el maquillaje de tu preferencia (marca), lo importante es tener varios tonos de la misma gama 

This is the step by step of the makeup of the eyes, in very simple, the only do you need it a palette with differents colors, in this case I used a Palette with cafe colors

Y asi quedaria, por esta parte!
And this is the makeup of the eyes

Este es el labial mate que utilice, en lo personal me ha gustado mucho, porque este labial seca rapidisimo! y no se quita facilmente, es muy bueno. Y para finalizar no olvidemos esos detalles que hace que el maquillaje sea fabuloso

This is the Lisptick matte I recently get, is "Pieridae" is a pink strong, and this lipstick dry so fast, and not removed easily, that is fabulous for a event or paty haha
And also! don't forget the makeup of the eyebrow and the blush!

Que les parecio?, espero que tengan una linda semana!
What do you think? I hope do you have a great week!

*This is a not SPONSORED post, is my only opinion*

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48 comentarios

  1. me encanto tu maquillaje, el labial esta muy bonito

  2. nice products :)

  3. Adorable makeup, darling!

  4. Muy bonito el maquillaje

  5. Love your blog! I am a new follower on FB and GFC <3

  6. Me encantó el labial, es un color bellisimo ♥

  7. Beautiful look, love the lip colour.


  8. Hello from Spain: fabulous news. I just discovered your blog and I like the variety of topics that you write. Fashion and beauty are my hobbies.
    If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

    1. Hello! thank you<3 and sure we keep in touch! I will follow you back ^^

  9. Great make-up!:D
    I am following you now and I invite to my blog:

  10. ¡Un makeup genial! Me encanta el tono del labial, es muy bonito :)

    Un besito linda ❤
    Melania |

  11. Love this tutorial! Thanks for your wonderful comment on Qing's Style Please always keep in touch, I would love to hear from you!

    Follow me @qingsstyle on Instagram and Twitter!

  12. ciao bella, mi piace il risultato!

  13. Thank you very much for this tutorial! I loved the balanced and fresh look!
    You look great!

  14. vary pretty and I loved the color of the lipstick *o* looks great for you. Have a nice weekend ♥

  15. Thanks for comment on my blog dear! :)
    You have a lovely blog. Sure, we can follow each other. Follow my blog and let me know when you do it and I'll follow you back-----> Fashion, Beauty and Style

  16. Love the makeup!! Thanks for the comment, now following via GFC! (:

    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  17. Your blog is so cool and cute.
    We have simlar style :)
    Do You want to follow each other ?
    I follow You now candymona

    1. yeah! is really cool, I also follow you, your blog is very cute ^^

  18. Lovely makeup :) your blog looks very nice

    Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know on my blog :)

    1. thank you<3 and of course! I follow you<3

  19. Nice makeup. :)
    Xoxo, Victoria