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Halloween! 4 Last-Minute Costume Ideas!

by - 17:22

Hello Starlights!

How are you? I hope you're very well! Halloween is soon! and today I want to show you some ideas to make your last-minute costume!! I had a busy week because I worked with some projects, so, I don't have time to make a new costume, so I want to show you this simple but cute idea inspired in movies and TV shows I hope you like it!

Let's star!

The first Idea is inspired in "Mary Poppins" this is a character of a classic Disney's movie, you only need black shoes, white shirt, you can wear a long black skirt and if you don't have one, you can wear a short with pantyhose, don't forget an umbrella!

The second is like a SuperGirl haha, You only need a white shirt, a superman shirt, black skirt or jeans, glasses, and black shoes! simple but memorial!

The next is this look inspired in the 60s or hippie style, in this case, I wear black glasses, choker, shirt with print (colorful), and bell bottom pants

And finally! this looks is inspired in one of the best bad character of the THE WALKING DEAD tv show, this is the style of Negan, I wear a black pants and jacket, red shirt and bat! 

I hope you like these ideas! I would like to know...

What is your costume for this Halloween? 

I think my costume of this year is the third idea because I think is very confort and you can wear all the accesories that you want it!
I hope you have a great week! and Happy! halloween!
Always thank you for the support!
i love u!


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24 comentarios

  1. Cute ideas for Halloween. :)
    Enjoy the party and have a great week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  2. Cute halloween outfits!!

  3. Great post dear :D

  4. follow her she will follow u

  5. Oh I loved so much this. haha awsome <3

  6. Negan costume is the best!!! Thank you for visiting my blog, i am following u now :)
    pieces of me

  7. love it all :D

  8. I really adore your Negan style! It looks awesome and suits you very well :)



  9. Nice ideas! I already follow you, I hope you will do the same :)

  10. ¡Unas ideas fantásticas y muy fáciles! Además son prendas que todas tenemos por casa. ¡Adoro el disfraz de Mary Poppins! :)

    Un besito linda ❤
    Melania |

  11. follow her she will follow u

  12. nice ! <3
    i follow u pls follow back

  13. They're all good ideas!! ;)

  14. Love your ideas, amazing!

    Have a great weekend dear :) xx

  15. Cool outfits! Yes, we can follow each other. I'm #321, waiting for you. :)

  16. Great ideas for Halloween.

  17. Nice looks, love all of them!

  18. Hello dear,
    thank's for visiting my blog. Now I follow you too ;)
    A hug!