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¡Hello Starlights! 

It’s me, Yesenia! How are you feeling today?, I’m very fine! Since The last month I have too much freelance work and with the store Hey You!, I’ll try to do my best to posting more constanly here, and this is a new section of my blog, called “Let’s talk about” which I'll tell you some experience of any topic of my life, because I feel a connection with you and I would like to tell you more about me and to learn more about you!

My life has some changes; the 2015 was a horrible year for me, because I had a many problems with toxic people and the university, I felt angry almost every day and I was very negative, my self esteem was very very down because of all those problems

The last year I got sick, and yeah it was for that negative life, sounds weird but it’s the true, I had a difficult months, I lost weight and many things, I went to the doctor and obviously now I'm very good and healthy now haha (please don't worry)

All those days I was thinking in my life and I got the conclusion that I can’t continue with the same attitude, you can't let that anyone ruin your happiness, also the positive things has many advantages, so I decided to change that part of me; All the days I try to do my best! and be more positive, I have starting to do different activities, I practice yoga, I have working for myself and I have consented, I met new people, I have fun with my friends and also I've fallen in love with the best person that I met and now we're in a happy relationship

Never let anyone ruin your happiness

If you love sing, sing!

If you have a bad relationship, talk about it !
If you don’t like anything, talk!

If you want to change your university career, just do it!

If the people say you can’t do anything, make the change and show the best of you!   

Do the things that you like and make you’re happy, the life is too short to do things that  you don’t want to, do things for yourself, love you very much, and be positive!

I hope you like this new style of post on my blog, and always thank you for all the support!

 I would like to know, do you have any experience has changed your life?
Please let me know here!
Have an amazing weekend

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  1. i am glad things have turned around for you, i am proud of you that you bounced back keep being positive and happy i had a life changing experience in 2013 you will see it on my blog called My story
    i hope it encourages and also helps you in some way

    1. amazing, I'll visit your blog and I'm going to read your experience, thank you so much for always read me<3
      have a cute day<3

  2. Glad things worked out great for you. Awesome post :)

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  3. You are so right!
    Have a good weekend

  4. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  5. Great post :)
    I follow you. Follow you back?

  6. That's such an amazing post :)

  7. Glad to hear things turned out well for you, keep positive!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Xoxo, Victoria

    1. thank you so much victoria<3!
      have an amazing weekend!

  8. Thanks a lot :D

    I'm following you for a long time my dear :)
    Nice post dear. I really love this kind of reflections!

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  9. Hi AliceShia,
    thank you so much :).
    We can do f4f. I follow you via Facebook & GFC.
    Nancy :)

    1. Hello! Okay I'll follow you
      have a cute day<3

  10. Really positive post :)