Meet the founder of Lime Crime Doe Deere


Hello Starligths!!
How are you feel? I hope you're great, I made  differents makeup review about many types of brand, But we never talk about the creators that those brands are possible, in this case, let's talk about "Lime Crime"  this is a makeup and fashion brand, they sell many and beautiful types of lipstick, palettes, brushes, nail accesories and also hair dye with awesome colors.

Lime crime have an awesome unicorn style, they like to use a pastel and unicorn inspired color, they're Vegan & cruelty free makeup, with many good offer and prices, please visit this is awesome store

Who makes Lime Crime Have so many incredible ideas?

Doe deere, is a founder, CEO and owner of Lime Crime make up, she was born in Russia but she moved to United State whe she was 17 years old, at the present she lives in Los Angeles, California. Doe Deere loves unicorn color and style, she self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen,

Doe deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design and illustration, but dropped out early to pursue her clothing line, Lime Crime, as an independent fashion designer on Ebay. 

We can see that in her vision, the makeup and all the items they sell have incredible colors, pastel or metallic, difficult to wear colors, but with their brilliant ideas they make them look amazing in anyone, she is wonderful, and also an inspiration encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same with all she made thank to her vision and "Lime Crime" 

For more information about Doe Deere please visit her social networks

What do you think about her and this awesome brand Lime crime?
Please let me know in the comment box!

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