Banggood Review! Glitter eyeshadow and BB CREAM!


Hello Starlights!

How are you? I hope you're great! today I want to show you another product review, in this case I got theses makeup in Banggood store, they give me the oportunity to choose some makeup and I think theses product are really great and quality!

These products arrived very fast at the door of my house, which is a very good thing!

This is a BBcream with regenerative skin care ! this product looks so professional the packmenge are very elegant, in the inside have a sponge and this is a good and easy to apply 

This bb cream called "MAYCHEER Moisturizing" looks like this:
It is a good product, well pigmented

The second product is this beautiful palette of 12 colors glitter shimmer! This is perfect for an elegant and night makeup

Thank you so much for Banggood for give me the opportunity to get this awesome and quality products. I recommend this website with all the sincerely, the packages if they arrive in the established time, and most important have very good quality

I invite you to visit the site:

In this moment Banggood have a special offer for Valentine's day, If you would like to register on the site and be able to buy there 

What do you think about these products?
Please let me know in the comment box

Have a great weekend

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  1. Nice post dear 😃

  2. Hola Yesenia! Aún no he probado nada de esta marca pero las sombras con glitter son muy bonitas.
    Te espero pronto por mi blog. Bss

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing review with us! :)

    Visit me at:
    Shoot for the stars

  4. Wow! This colourful palette is so perfect. I want it because I like it! :)
    Inspiration by Linda

  5. Great post, love it ! :-) <3

    NEW POST :

  6. I love this colours glitters
    I follow your blog, kisses

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now following you. Im waiting for you to follow me back:D
    Thanks a lot<3