Luxury vinyl plank floors by Carpet one

By Yesenia Rodríguez - 16:48

Hello Starlights!
How are yo? I hope you're great! I was a little bit busy and I was searching and reading many about different things like, travel, health,  home, fashion and more! so today I want to show you one of the most interesting site that I found! this is special, because I was thinking a lot about change my room, to make a wonderful style, so this is not only decorative elements, but something more advanced, one of the things that I liked and I wanted to do is change the floor of my room, the wood style makes your room look amazing and cool
Carpet one is a co-operative and one of the world’s largest retail floor covering groups, they help you choose the best floor for your home and also have the option of flooring consultant, the  stores are individually owned and run by locals in your area, so when you shop at Carpet One, you’ll be supporting your local community

In this website you can found many plank floor for your house,  they are located in Australia, in the section of luxury vinyl plank floors this is a type of flooring that replicates the look and texture of high-end floors such as timber hardwood and tile, but are more affordable, easier to install, and come with added durability.

You can see all the catalogue and in the firts time I felt very inspired, and also they have a section called #lovemyHome and you can see beautiful home flooring ideas

I want to show you my top favorites of this section and what I would like to put this in my room. This is the first, BLACKBUTT 2MM I think this color is classic, elegant and cool, easy to easy to combine with any color

This is the second TORTE is a darker color, more risky, but at the same time can be very elegant with implements of white, beige or light colors, I think this looks amazing, this is a floor envy 

I hope I can help you in this case and inspired you to make changes
This post is not complete without wishing you have a great week!


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