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Hello Starlights!
How are you? I hope you're fine! so today I'm so happy to share with you this awesome online store called FashionMia, I know, and I accepted that I in love with dresses! and this website makes me crazy haha, so let's start to talk more about it, they are selling a huge selections of dresses, including maxi dresses , vintage, floral, skater, cockatail and also tops, outerwear, bottoms, accesories, men's clothes

Let’s talk about the dresses, because is my favorite part! by the way, it is important to mention that they have dresses for all types of sizes, small, medium to plus size 

I have reviewed all the sections of the site, the truth is that it has many incredible articles, beautiful and fashion, but speaking of price (which is something important), I have realized that they have cheap bodycon dresses, and I will show you two of my favorites!

This dress is different from the styles I mentioned in the previous post, but I think it looks very elegant, formal glam, and for special events it would look amazing, I would call a lot of attention, you can find this dress with the name "Women See-Through Peplum Doll Collar"

The second is called "Ruched Solid-Color Velvet Slit" I like this dress, looks so fashion and trendy, you can find this dress in two colors, Black and green, and now this dress is in 60% discount! omg!

Other sections that I love were the maxi dresses, I have a huge list of dresses that I would like to buy, I think that style is very feminine, one of the ones that I love the most is "Summer V-Neck Plain Chiffon" they have this dress in many colors, pink, black, yellow, blue, purple and more, but my favorite is this

I think this design would suit all ages, the details are so elegant! and show off the shoulders makes this a sexy maxi dresses, you can find this dress with the name "Off Shoulder Peplum Plain"

I'll invite you to check all the items in their page, the merchandise has different prices with  a Worldwide Shipping and I think this is wonderful because you can buy from any country! In this moment I don't bought some clothes in this store but their product look very nice and fashion If you want to see more dresses or all the beautiful clothes, I leave all the social network here:

I would like to know what is your favorite dress? 

Please let me know in the comment box!
Have an amazing week!
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